About Us

Ariana Nasr and Curtis Thorpe are two multi-instrumentalists who live and perform in Montréal, Canada, having relocated from their native Nova Scotia in early 2017. Their large repertoire consists mainly of vintage popular songs from North America and around the world sung in up to 9 languages and performed on a variety of instruments.

Ariana can and will sing almost anything. You can catch her interpreting jazz, soul, rock or world classics as well as playing saxophone, accordion or violin. Her most popular performance however, has been her interpretation of the music of Édith Piaf. In 2015 she created and toured a tribute show to French greats Édith Piaf and Jacques Brel which she and Curtis still present by request.

Curtis is a versatile player who can deliver a gorgeous solo performance featuring complex finger-style guitar picking, or he could be found playing electric guitar or bass in a rock band. He loves the harmonica as a solo instrument and has fully integrated it as both soloist and accompaniment in his performances. In the duo show he is a one-man band playing guitar, harmonica and percussion simultaneously.

In the summer of 2018, Ariana Nasr & Curtis Thorpe released a CD titled "Padam Padam" featuring classics from France, the Balkans and the Americas.

For information about the shows, see the home page and visit their other websites:

http://www.CurtisThorpe.com (check out his guitar tutorials!)