About Ariana and Curtis



We are multi-instrumentalists from Nova Scotia, Canada who have been living in Montréal Québec since Jan 2017. We specialize in performance and have a number of offerings:

We have a full length show of the music of Édith Piaf which we perform in theatres around the country, as well as a show which is half the songs of Piaf and half the songs of Jacques Brel!  Ariana performs these artists in a manner which is very close to the original performance styles. Curtis plays guitar and bass accompaniment. For more about this show, please visit Ariana's website at ariananasr.com

We also do full length performances which include a variety of genres: jazz and soul numbers, funky instrumentals and popular songs from around the world (sung in French, Spanish, Italian, English, Romani and other languages)

We play theatres, house concerts, hall concerts, cruise ships, in retirement homes, on the street, for parties, for special events, in bars, and as singing telegrams!

Ariana sings and plays saxophone, violin and accordion.  Curtis plays guitar, bass, percussion and harmonicas.

Visit our other websites here for more information:

http://www.CurtisThorpe.com (check out his guitar tutorials!)

To get a (good) idea of our repertoire, read this page.  We hope to see you soon!